Rent a Car in Denmark: Everything You Need to Know


One of the best ways to explore Denmark is by car. The driving here is relaxed, and the drivers are friendly. So you don’t have to contend with road rage or aggressive driving. You can enjoy the lush countryside as you drive in a relaxed manner.

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Cost of Renting a Car in Denmark

The cost of renting a car in the country is similar to what you would pay in the UK or the US. It will cost you approximately DKK 249 to DKK 500 per day to rent a car in Denmark. Remember to add the cost of fuel to your car rental cost, as you will have to top up the tank as you drive around the country. The fuel cost is approximately DKK 12.87 per liter.

Remember, Denmark, as a country, favors manual transmission. So, you will have no options when choosing a vehicle. Of course, you can also hire automatic transmission, but it will be more expensive, and there is no guarantee that you will get the vehicle you want.

How to Rent a Car in Denmark

How to Rent a Car in Denmark

To rent a car, you must be at least 21 years old and have a valid driver’s license. There is no need for an international driver’s license to drive in Denmark.

If you are under 26, you will need to pay the car rental company a surcharge of DKK 119. In addition, you would also have to take out an insurance policy to cover accidents and collisions. Check with the car rental company if the insurance cost is included in the daily rental. Many car rental companies do that.

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Furthermore, like in other parts of the world, car rental companies in Denmark do not accept debit cards, so ensure that you either book your car online using the car rental company’s website or you can walk into one of the offices and pay in person with the help of your credit card.

Where to Rent a Car in Denmark

You can book your car online or at the car rental company’s office. Remember, it is essential to book in advance, especially if you intend to visit during the summer, which is the peak season in the country.

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While you can pick up your vehicle from Copenhagen Airport Terminal 1 parking area, it is not your only option. You can also fly to Aalborg Airport, where you will find a Sixt office in the parking area.

Where to Rent a Car in Denmark

Billund Airport is another where you can find branches of car rental companies as soon as you leave the baggage claim area. Aarhus Airport is the other airport where you can have a car waiting for you.

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Remember, you would have to pay a one-way rental fee, where you pick up your car from one place and drop it off at another location.

While this will alleviate your stress, renting a car in Denmark will double the cost. For instance, if a round-trip car rental costs DKK 338 daily, you will pay DKK 676 daily. So, be mindful of this fact when renting a car in Denmark.

In Conclusion

You have many options to rent a car in Denmark. Renting it online is advisable as it gives you assurance knowing that the car of your choice will be waiting for you on arrival at the airport. If you run short of cash to rent a car, did you know that you can easily get a loan for this purpose?

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