Travel Insurance in Denmark: What You Need to Know

When you compare Denmark to other countries, you will see that it is an extremely safe country. It is one of the main reasons when tourists and foreigners come to this country, they find the entire ambiance relaxing and soothing. However, this should not give you a false sense of security as crimes do take place and accidents do occur.

So, if you are planning to come to this country, you should not ignore travel insurance. At the same time, if you are living in Denmark and intend travelling overseas, even then you should get travel insurance.

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As a foreigner, choosing travel insurance in Denmark can be confusing, especially if you do not speak Danish. But, you should never ignore it as a good policy will provide coverage against mishaps, like stolen laptop or phone, lost luggage and broken ankles.

Who Needs Travel Insurance in Denmark?

If you are an EU citizen, you can avail of the medical treatment facilities for your pre-existing conditions. You would have to use your European Health Insurance Card. However, this will not protect if you meet with an accident or fall ill and require long-term care and treatment. Under such circumstances, your European Health Insurance Card will not cover you, especially if you visit a doctor for private consultations.

On the other hand, if you are from outside the Schengen Area or the EU, you will need travel insurance at the time of applying for your visa to Denmark. The insurance policy should cover the entire duration of your stay in Denmark plus another 15 days. The policy should cover a minimum of €30,000 worth of medical expenses as well as emergency medical evacuation. In case you do not have valid travel insurance, your visa application will not be approved.

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You also need travel insurance if you are a resident of Denmark and want to travel to another country. Whether you intend to fly or drive, you should never set out on a holiday or business trip without a valid insurance policy.

Why You Need Travel Insurance?

Whether you are travelling to Denmark or from Denmark to another country, travel insurance can protect you in many different ways. Here are some of them:


While Denmark has a low crime rate, you never know when you fall victim to a crime. This is especially true in big cities, such as Copenhagen, where pickpockets are quite active and target people for their wallets, purses, and smartphones without getting detected.

When you are on trains and buses, it is advisable to keep a close watch on your personal belongings. Never leave them unattended; and refrain from hanging your camera, handbags and laptop bags from chairs. Of course, most hotels in Denmark are safe and reports of theft are rare, but you cannot expect the same from shared dormitories in hostels. So, ensure you get a good travel insurance policy that lets you replace stolen gadgets and items while you are still on your holiday.


Accidents - travel insurance Denmark

If you think the low crime rate in Denmark does not warrant travel insurance, think again. Accidents can happen anywhere, be it Denmark or any other corner of the world, and the worst thing would be landing up in a hospital without having the funds to cover your treatment. Simple things like falling down the stairs or having a bicycle crash can lead to hospitalization, and with a good travel insurance, you can focus on getting treated rather than getting stressed about your lack of funds.

Miscellaneous reasons:

Sometimes, you can miss your connecting flight if your earlier flight gets delayed or you may need to cancel your travel plans the last minute due to a family emergency. Under such circumstances, the travel insurance will take care of you and you will not end up losing money. The policy will also ensure if you lose your gadgets during your travel, you can purchase a replacement.
There are so many benefits of having travel insurance that you should never contemplate travelling without a policy. Of course, your holiday in Denmark or another country may go off without any untoward incident, but what if that does not happen?

Finding the Right Travel Insurance in Denmark

If you are living in Denmark as a professional or student, you should never plan a holiday without getting travel insurance. When you are scouting for a policy, pay special attention to the exclusions as some activities may not be covered by the policy. Such a policy is not worth it. Also, avoid policies that place a cap on the value of gadgets or have high excesses (money that you need to pay from your pocket at the time of making the claim).

Read the fine print so that you know what you are getting into. If you do not understand something, ask your insurance provider.

Alternatively, you can visit, a site that makes it a breeze to get the best travel insurance in Denmark. You just need to fill out a simple, one-page form and based on the information you provide, you will get several quotes from a number of insurance companies based in Denmark. After comparing the quotes, you can choose one that suits your travel needs the best.

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