Getting Married in Denmark: Things You Need to Know

In case you are planning to get married soon, you will be searching for destinations. Whether you reside or not in Denmark, it is a great destination to get married. Did you know that Denmark has made it easy and convenient for couples of any nationality or gender to get hitched? The bureaucracy, paperwork, and time are not that lengthy and tedious and that makes getting married in Denmark a fun and enjoyable experience.

Having a Dream Wedding in Denmark

You can hire Danish wedding planners to organize your trip, paperwork, and ceremony. It will be less stressful for you. However, be prepared to shell out money as wedding planning services do not come cheap.

On the other hand, if you are independent and do not want to pay thousands of euros to a wedding planner then you should know a little bit more about getting married in Denmark.

Getting Started

Depending on which city or municipality you want to get married in, the process can take anywhere from one week to around four to five weeks. That is because each municipality has different waiting times. If it is peak wedding season in Denmark, you will have a longer waiting period. Hence, it is best to start your paperwork early so that you can get your desired date without a problem.

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While many people opt to get married on the island of Ærø and Tønder, for foreigners, Copenhagen is a better choice. It is well-connected, the city is beautiful, and the wedding office is helpful and friendly. Also, getting married in Copenhagen will allow you to easily get your married legalized at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs so that you can fly back home with a legal marriage certificate rather than waiting for it to be mailed to you at a later date.

Getting the Paperwork Right

You can get married in Denmark if you are not a resident of the country or have a tourist visa. If that is the case, you need to send your application to the main national unit under the aegis of the Danish State Administration.

Your paperwork will comprise the following documents:

  • Duly filled and signed Notice of Marriage form
  • Passports of the couple
  • Visa for Denmark
  • Certificate of each person’s marital status to show that you are not married to someone else
  • Divorce or death certificate of the previous spouse
  • Payment proof

Your personal documents have to be in English or Danish. If they are not, you will have to get them legally translated.

Once you have all the documents in digital format, convert them into PDF and email them as attachments to the wedding office. It will take a couple of weeks to get a response from the wedding office. Once your application for getting married in Denmark is approved, the wedding office will get in touch with you to find out the date you want to get married.

The Day

Make sure you choose a working day to go wedding offices are open only on those days, though your wedding can take place over the weekend. Make sure you carry the original documents that you sent as PDF attachments. You would have to present them at the wedding office. After the office verifies the documents, they will approve your wedding date and you can get married.

You can easily customize the ceremony to suit your needs. You can have an indoor or outdoor wedding. If you are having an outdoor wedding, book the venue fast, especially if it is in the summer.

To get a marriage certificate, you need to wait at least one working day. If you get married in Copenhagen, it will hardly take 30 minutes at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get your marriage legalized. Otherwise, the certificate will be mailed to you if you choose any other city or municipality. You can easily use that time to enjoy your honeymoon in this beautiful country.

In Conclusion

These are the things that you should know if you are getting married in Denmark. It may seem a lot but the actual process is simple and uncomplicated. You can handle every aspect digitally and that ensures you do not have to be physically present in Denmark.

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