Electronic Stores in Denmark

When you move to Denmark, you will need to buy electronics for your home and/or business. It may come as a surprise for you to find out that most stores in the country open at 10 am and shut shop at around 5 or 6 pm, and on Sunday a majority are closed.

If you are working, it could be a problem to visit electronic stores in Denmark to make your purchases. Thankfully, this does not have to be the case as statistics show that most Danes prefer shopping online to meet their needs, and you too can join this vast band of buyers.

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What Do Statistics Reveal?

In Denmark, nearly 5.75 million people live and out of these, 98% use the internet. In Denmark, 86% of all people used internet shopping online in 2018. On average, a Dane spends €3,567 each year when shopping online. A forecast report revealed that Denmark has the world’s highest mobile penetration at 77%. This shows that online shopping and eCommerce are big in the country.

In fact, in 2018, the eCommerce industry was worth about 17.3 billion while in 2019, it climbed to €19.5 billion. So, if you are looking for electronic stores in Denmark with an extensive product line and attractive deals, it is best to look online. As a matter of fact, there are three online stores that are creating waves in the country and taking on big names like Amazon.

Here are the top three online electronic stores in Denmark where you will be able to find and buy all the electronics your need for your home and workplace at cost-effective prices.

Top 3 electronic stores in Denmark

🏆 1. Proshop.dk

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Poul Thvregod and three of his partners founded Proshop in 1995. Initially, the company started out as a retail store for people to buy multimedia and IT products. However, that changed the following year when in 1996, the company launched a webstore, and finally, in 2005, it became a 100% online store.

Today, Proshop is one of the go-to online electronic stores in Denmark for anyone looking for white goods and electronics. It caters to customers not just in Denmark, but also Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Poland, and Germany.

This electronic store has made a name for itself by offering same-day delivery and one-day delivery. It offers everything related to electronics and IT, including software, hardware, accessories, gadgets, electronic toys, lawnmowers, and household accessories. The choices are endless and most prospects turn in buying customers after visiting Proshop.

2. Elgiganten.dk

Founded in 1996 by Elkjøp-koncernen, Elgiganten is Denmark’s largest online store for consumer electronics as well as household appliances. In 2013, the online store was named Denmark’s most popular webshop, which has the distinction of being a top retailer in the country.

Elgiganten has successfully combined the internet with traditional retail and allows internet consumers to buy electronics at unbelievable prices. The estore is user-friendly and offers a wide array of electronics that are marketed by brick and mortar sellers, and you will be able to find just about anything, right from electronics and appliances for everyday use to high-end models. The site caters to all regions across Denmark and ensures that shipping occurs in quick time.

Since it is an online store and marketplace, Elgiganten has state-of-the-art security measures in place. This enables people to purchase electronics and white goods without worrying about data theft.


They have been supplying electronics to Danish homes since 2006. Komplett.dk is part of the Komplett Group, which is the Nordic region’s largest in e-commerce with a total of eight online stores in Scandinavia.

Komplett have:

  • Free shipping over DKK 1,000
  • Free return
  • 60 days open purchase

3. L’easy.dk

This online electronic store in Denmark is slightly different from the other two. It not only retails electronics and white goods, but it also offers rentals. L’Easy allows buyers to purchase what they need through cash payment, where they pay the entire amount in one go. Alternatively, the buyers can pay for the item in installments of 12 months without shelling out any interest. So, if you find that a specific electronic item is beyond your budget, you can still purchase it without feeling the pinch.

L’Easy has been around for the last 25 years and offers consumers white goods, TV, DVD, and surround sound systems, PCs, mobile phones, digital cameras and more. You can even opt for its free consultancy to help you choose the right item and a technician delivers the item to your doorstep and demonstrates how it works. It cannot get better than this, can it?

For any reason, you decide that the product is not the right choice for you, L’Easy facilitates convenient return within 14 days. They also offer online loans.

The Final Word

With affordable mobile internet and a choice of online payment systems, shopping online for electronics has become a simple and convenient task. These online electronic stores in Denmark accept debit and credit card payments and offer a host of other payment options. So, you can choose the option you prefer and buy all the electronics you need for your home or business without stepping into a physical store. That is convenience at its best!

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