Danish Currency: Everything You Need to Know

The Danish currency is known as the Danish krone, and it is also the legal tender in two territories belonging to the Kingdom of Denmark, namely the Faroe Islands and Greenland. In English, the currency is often called the Danish Crown, which is the literal translation of krone. A single krone is made up of … Read more

Where to Buy Bitcoins in Denmark

Where to Buy Bitcoins in Denmark

One of Denmark’s most popular industries is ICT and the country has attracted many technology investors and companies due to its investor-friendly climate. That is why Denmark is one of the contributors to blockchain technology, which forms the basis of bitcoins. It is prudent to remember that the Danish government does not regulate bitcoins and … Read more

Best Beaches in Denmark that You Should Visit

Best beach in Denmark - Nordstranden Kerteminde - Beaches in Denmark

With a massive coastline spanning 7,400km (4598mi), Denmark is blessed with hundreds of gorgeous and welcoming beaches where you can relax and spend time with family and friends. There are over 1,300 beaches to choose from and finding the best beaches in Denmark can become a bit overwhelming, as a result. That is why we’ve … Read more

Top Reasons to Invest in Denmark

Denmark is more than a tourist hub in the Scandinavian region. It offers entrepreneurs and global businesses an opportunity to invest and enjoy profits galore. The infrastructure and ease of doing business are the major attractions for businesses looking to set up an office or branch here. Denmark has been steadily attracting investors from across … Read more

PS5 pre order in Denmark – why and how?

PS5 Pre Order

Keeping in mind the current situation with the global pandemic, the release of PS5 has been uncertain for some time. The price of the new console has also been shrouded in mystery and not much has been known about the crucial pieces of information that gaming communities are waiting for. However, now everything is out … Read more

Car Loan in Denmark: What You Need to Know

As an expatriate living in Denmark, you can own a car and ensure you stay mobile and commute or travel on your own terms. Many people are surprised at the high cost of vehicles in the country but if you opt for a car loan in Denmark, you can actually afford one. The main reason … Read more

Pension in Denmark: Everything You Need to Know

Pension in Denmark: Everything You Need to Know

The pension system in Denmark is a universal one, wherein it covers the entire population. Anyone who lives in Denmark, be it a Danish person or a foreigner, is entitled to a pension at retirement as it is not dependent on the contributions made to the pension scheme. The pension age in the country is … Read more