Car Insurance in Denmark: What You Need to Know

As a foreigner, wading your way through car insurance in Denmark can be confusing and overwhelming. However, we have simplified it for you so that you can stay on the right of the law. Car insurance is mandatory and a legal requirement in Denmark. A vehicle needs to have insurance and it is only then that it will get registered.

In Denmark, foreigners and locals need to have mandatory third-party liability insurance. This insurance provides coverage for injuries to other people and damage to property. So, there is no way of getting out of vehicle insurance. Plus, it is in your own interest to ensure your vehicle has the right type of car insurance.

Types of Car Insurance in Denmark

Once you come to Denmark, you will need to check out the different types of insurance so that you can select one that is right for you. The different types of car insurance are as follows:

  • Compulsory Third-Party Liability Insurance: Known as ansvarsforsikring in Danish, this insurance type is mandatory for all road users. As stated earlier, this insurance is mandatory and there is no escaping it. It covers liability for any damage to another person’s property or injuries caused to other people while driving. In addition, this insurance type also covers the tow bar of the vehicle. However, if a caravan or trailer is attached to your vehicle, you would have to take separate insurance for these attachments.
  • Comprehensive Insurance: This insurance type is known as kascoforsikring in Danish. It covers damage or loss of your vehicle, but it is not mandatory. You will find that a majority of car owners will have comprehensive insurance in Denmark as it does not cost a lot, but offers many benefits. However, if your car is old, 10 years or more, it is not worth opting for this insurance. On the other hand, if your car is relatively new and in good condition, without any mechanical problems, you should not think twice about buying comprehensive insurance in Denmark.

Besides these two insurance covers, you can go for the standard third-party liability insurance or additional coverages that you can customise. Some of the additional coverages include damage due to fire or collision, theft of car, legal aid, and road assistance.

As a foreigner, you can bring your car from your home country to Denmark. However, you will not be able to get Danish car insurance unless you register the vehicle in the country. You would need to register the vehicle within 14 days of arrival into the country if you intend to live here or within 14 days of getting your CPR number.

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Comparing Car Insurance in Denmark

Car insurance premiums can vary quite a bit in Denmark even for the same policy with similar cover. Hence, it is prudent to compare different policies before you decide to buy one (need car loan or a loan? Use our loan comparison for the danish market). The most popular car insurance companies in Denmark are:

  • Gjensidige
  • GF Forsikring
  • Codan
  • Alka
  • IDA Forsikring
  • Topdanmark
  • Almbrand

Since most car insurance companies have similar policies, it is best to compare each one carefully so that you get the best coverage at an affordable price. However, this can be time-consuming and that is why you should make use of an insurance comparison site.

While you will find several sites in Danish, you can turn a reputable comparison site called (tip: the site is in danish, so use the translate function in your browser to translate it to english)


Car Insurance in Denmark - Findforsikringdk

It has a simple form that you can fill out and you will receive three free quotes from reputed car insurance companies in the country. Based on these quotes, you can then select the insurance that best suits your requirements.

There is also another comparison site you can try out – its called 


Car Insurance in Denmark - samlinodk

You may want to go with a car insurance company that allows you to transfer your no claim bonus from your home country to the car insurance policy in Denmark. If the insurer offers this facility, you would need to present proof of the no claim bonus from the overseas insurance provider.

Making a Claim After an Accident

If you meet with an accident, you will need to collect complete insurance details of the other party so that you or the other driver does not face a problem if a claim is made. Note down the following information of the other driver in case of an accident:

  • Name and address of the driver
  • Driving licence number
  • Insurance details
  • The number plate of the vehicle
  • Make and model of the other vehicle
  • Photos of the accident – use your phone for this purpose

Immediately after an accident, call the police to let them know about it. You can submit the insurance claim online using the standard claim form that insurance companies provide their clients. You will have six months to file the claim after an accident.

The Bottom Line

Car insurance in Denmark can be confusing for people who are unaware of the details. However, now you know everything and choosing the right cover will be easier. Use the portal to find the perfect car insurance for your vehicle and you.

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