Companies that allow you to Buy Now Pay Later in Denmark


The buy now pay later industry has grown strong over the last couple of years. This growth is supported by the deep penetration of eCommerce and the slowdown in the economy due to the pandemic. As a result, more Danes are opting to buy now pay later.

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According to a recent survey buy now pay later in Denmark will be worth US$4,762.9 million by the end of 2022. This method of purchase allows Danes to buy all kinds of products without worrying about the cost.

Also, several eCommerce stores and online sites have made it easier and more convenient for people to buy now and pay later without making the products expensive.

Here is a list of some of the stores that allow you to buy now and pay later in Denmark.

Computers and Mobiles

Computer and mobiles - Buy Now Pay Later in Denmark

It is one of the largest online stores for people looking to buy mobile phones, computers, laptops, white goods, and electronics. You can buy what you like and pay for it later. It enables you to lease the products that you want with an option to buy them at a later stage.


This online store has built a reputation of being one the biggest eCommerce stores in Denmark for hardware, software, and accessories. So, if you are looking to buy the latest electronics, gadgets, and IT products, Proshop will not disappoint you. It has numerous brands and models to satisfy the most finicky buyer.

This is the best online store for buy now pay later deals if you are looking to upgrade your kitchen and other electronics at home. It offers attractive discounts and you can order and collect the products on the same day. It cannot get better than this.

Clothes, Jewelry & Accessories

Clothes, Jewelry & Accessories - Buy Now Pay Later in Denmark


If you are looking for trendy and modern clothes for your entire family, DanskOutlet is the right choice. It caters to men, women, and children. You will find that the clothes are high-quality and follow modern trends, allowing you to look your best when you step out of the door.

In case you are looking to buy clothes and matching shoes, is the perfect place. Just as the name suggests, you will be able to purchase vibrant and modern clothes and shoes. It has some of the best labels and brands to make you look your fashionable best.

When shopping for clothes, the price can become a factor. While you can buy now pay later, it is still money. However, Teeshoppen makes it affordable to purchase trendy and fashionable attire for men and women. The prices are low and you never have to compromise quality whatsoever.

Home and Furniture

Home and Furniture - buy now pay later in Denmark


Whether you are setting up a new home or you want to upgrade your bedroom, BedreNaetter will not disappoint you. You can pick up quality beds, bedding, duvets, and mattresses from this eCommerce store.

Another place where you can buy bedroom furniture and accessories without worries is Bedding, bed frames, beds, duvets, and pillows are some of the things that you can purchase using the buy now pay later payment model. is the online store for people looking to buy beds and bedroom accessories produced in Denmark. You will love the traditional and modern designs, high-quality finish, and surprisingly affordable prices. Using the buy now pay later payment method, you will be able to own original pieces of bedroom furniture and accessories with relative ease.

Is buy now pay later a bad idea?

Is buy now pay later a bad idea?

Many people decide to postpone their purchase since they may not have sufficient money. With buy now pay later, a product that a person wants is available without a price hike and immediate payment.

They can take the product home without worrying about making the payment. However, they still need to pay the buy now pay later company within a specific period.

While this is a great way to get access to all the products and items that you need, you should use this facility with care. It can easily put you into a debt trap without you realizing it.

So, while buy now pay later is a great way to purchase something that you really need but cannot afford, you shouldn’t make it into a regular habit. This is the same if you want to make an online loan.

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