Best Tattoo Artist in Denmark: Know Your Options

Did you know that Denmark is home to the oldest tattoo shop in the world that is still functional? Well, now you do. Tattoo is a tradition in Denmark and it has been around for centuries. So, it is not surprising that you will find many tattoo studios with highly talented artists in the country. That can make it overwhelming to find the

Best tattoo artist shops in Denmark

Thankfully, you do not have to worry as here is a list of the best tattoo artists as well as tattoo studios in Denmark.

Tattoo Ole

Tattoo Ole has been around since the late 1880s and has the distinction of inking the King of Denmark. That should give you peace of mind that this is one of the finest tattoo studios in the country. It is an extremely popular tattoo studio so it is best to schedule an appointment before you decide to get yourself inked.

Miss Roxy

This is another old-time tattoo studio that opened in the 1970s. It store is named by the tattoo artist, who honed her skills under the tutelage of Tattoo Svend, a noted tattoo artist in Denmark. She studied the art of inking for seven years before starting her own tattoo parlor in Hawaii. However, now Miss Roxy is back in Denmark and has her studio in Copenhagen. She is an award-winning tattoo artist and is renowned for inking realistic images as well as abstract images.

Art of Ink

If you are looking for the best tattoo artist in Denmark, at Art of Ink you will find not one but several talented artists. Each artist specializes in a unique style that will leave you mesmerized. The tattoo studio is located in Odense and is in a hip neighborhood. After getting your tattoo, you can relax at the numerous coffee shops in the vicinity or enjoy retail therapy at surrounding boutiques.

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Sinners Inc Art Collective

As the name suggests, this tattoo studio is a powerhouse of talent. It has nearly 10 artists, who are available throughout the year. It also offers space to exceptional visiting tattoo artists. Located in Aarhus, it is worthwhile to check this collective out and be a witness to the talent that you will find here. You will be able to find artists for every style so you can select one who is the best for your idea or concept. See Sinners Inc Art Collective website here.

Royal Tattoo

Henning Jorgensen, who started Royal Tattoo, has had the distinction of winning the Tattooist of the Year three times. The studio is located in Helsingør and it will be a privilege to get inked by Jorgensen himself. Alternatively, you can trust his team, which is equally talented and capable of creating masterpieces.

Thank You Tattoo

This tattoo studio is the brainchild of three talented tattoo artists, namely Mikkel Westrup, Johnny Raindog, and Tato Toby. Between the three, they can do a wide range of styles, like realist, traditional, and new school. It is located in one of the coolest neighborhoods of Copenhagen – Vesterbro – and you will find the studio welcoming and friendly. It gets a lot of hip customers who enjoy being inked by the three artists.

Enter the Dragon Tattoo

Doesn’t this remind you of Bruce Lee? Well, the artist and owner of this tattoo studio is Søren Lind, who honed his skills all over the world for 20 years. He has even worked in Japan and hence, the name of the studio. This tattoo parlor is located in Strøget, in Copenhagen. The studio has won more than 30 awards internationally. While Lind still inks customers, you can also choose from other award-winning tattoo artists that this studio employs. If you are looking for Japanese-style tattoos, this is the perfect place. Webpage here.

In Conclusion

Now you know more about the best tattoo artist in Denmark. As you can see, this country, with its long association with tattoos, has several artists who are exceptional in their art.

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