Car Insurance in Denmark: What You Need to Know

Car Insurance in Denmark

As a foreigner, wading your way through car insurance in Denmark can be confusing and overwhelming. However, we have simplified it for you so that you can stay on the right of the law. Car insurance is mandatory and a legal requirement in Denmark. A vehicle needs to have insurance and it is only then … Read more

Mortgage Calculator Denmark: Making You a Savvy Borrower and Homebuyer

Mortgage Calculator Denmark

The mortgage system in Denmark is quite unique and different from other countries. Here, there is a direct connection between the mortgage and the bonds that are issued to fund the loan. Hence, you can expect financial stability, competitive interest rates and flexible early repayments that you will not find in any other country. Nonetheless, … Read more

Best Danish Bank for Foreigners

Best Danish Bank for Foreigners

As a foreigner in Denmark, you will be looking for the best Danish bank to help meet your banking needs. It can be a tall order to locate the best Danish bank for foreigners and expats as banks here are not allowed to use the term “best” or any other superlative to advertise or market … Read more

Child Benefit in Denmark: What You Can Expect

Child Benefit Denmark

Denmark has a generous social security system in place for families. Child benefit Denmark offers is administered by Udbetaling Danmark, which is the Public Benefits Administration. If you are an EU or EEA citizen living and working in Denmark, you may be eligible child benefit, which is also known as child cheque and family allowance. … Read more