PS5 pre order in Denmark – why and how?

PS5 Pre Order

Digital Edition: i samarbejde med PriceRunner Standard Edition: i samarbejde med PriceRunner Keeping in mind the current situation with the global pandemic, the release of PS5 has been uncertain for some time. The price of the new console has also been shrouded in mystery and not much has been known about the crucial pieces of … Read more

Car Loan in Denmark: What You Need to Know

As an expatriate living in Denmark, you can own a car and ensure you stay mobile and commute or travel on your own terms. Many people are surprised at the high cost of vehicles in the country but if you opt for a car loan in Denmark, you can actually afford one. The main reason … Read more

Pension in Denmark: Everything You Need to Know

Pension in Denmark: Everything You Need to Know

The pension system in Denmark is a universal one, wherein it covers the entire population. Anyone who lives in Denmark, be it a Danish person or a foreigner, is entitled to a pension at retirement as it is not dependent on the contributions made to the pension scheme. The pension age in the country is … Read more

Au Pair in Denmark: What You Need to Know

Being an au pair in Denmark can be an enriching experience as it enables you to learn the Danish language and culture. If you are interested in becoming an au pair in this fascinating country, you should know how to apply for au pair in Denmark and a few other requirements. Applying as an Au … Read more

Cost of Living in Denmark: What You Need to Know

The idea of living in Denmark sounds like an exhilarating experience. After all, who does not want to live in an egalitarian society where progressive ideals are accompanied by brilliant aesthetics and design? While the bakeries are wonderful, the flourishing industries and superior quality universities are a testimony to the fact that the country is … Read more

How You Can Order from Amazon Denmark

Please note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases Everyone prefers to shop online way nowadays, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world. Of course, online shopping is more convenient as well. So, it is little wonder that even brick-and-mortar sellers are now taking their products online. Our advice: Shop from … Read more

Electronic Stores in Denmark

Electronic Stores in Denmark

When you move to Denmark, you will need to buy electronics for your home and/or business. It may come as a surprise for you to find out that most stores in the country open at 10 am and shut shop at around 5 or 6 pm, and on Sunday a majority is closed. If you … Read more

Sugar Dating in Denmark: What You Need to Know

Sugar Dating in Denmark

Sugar dating has become very common nowadays and society is beginning to accept such relationships without being judgemental about them. However, for many people, the term sugar dating can be mysterious and unfamiliar, especially when it comes to sugar dating in Denmark. What is Sugar Dating? Sugar dating is a form of dating that occurs … Read more