Why Do Consumers in Demark Prefer Buying Shoes Online?

Online shopping, when buying shoes or any other items, has become quite popular in almost every industry. With so many people having access to the internet through their computers or smartphones, around 82% of Danes have shopped online in the last year alone.  Since Danish fashion has become more popular and internationally sought-after, people are … Read more

How To Live in Denmark Without Speaking Danish

Expats relocating to Denmark may want to know what language do they speak in Denmark and whether they can live in the country without knowing or speaking the local language. After all, fitting in is important regardless of which country you shift to. It may come as a surprise to learn that the majority of … Read more

Find Out the PS5 Stock Status in Denmark

PS5 stock status in denmark

Given the high price of PS5 in Denmark, one would not think that this gaming console would run out in brick-and-mortar and online stores. Well, that is exactly what happened in Denmark. PS5 was such a success that offline and online stores found that their stocks disappeared before they could replenish them. Over the months, … Read more

A Simple and Informational Guide to Fishing in Denmark

fishing in denmark

With the vast coastline Denmark has, it is the fifth-largest exporter in the world of fish and fish-related products. So, fishing in Denmark is a major industry. But, you will also find that fishing is a popular recreational activity. In Denmark, you will not find a shortage of places to go fishing. You can enjoy … Read more

Best Tattoo Artist in Denmark: Know Your Options

best tattoo artist in denmark

Did you know that Denmark is home to the oldest tattoo shop in the world that is still functional? Well, now you do. Tattoo is a tradition in Denmark and it has been around for centuries. So, it is not surprising that you will find many tattoo studios with highly talented artists in the country. … Read more