About us

Loan Denmark is a utility for you who live in Denmark but do not read Danish (very well). The site is an English overview of the Danish loan market and a comparison of the Danish private loan companies.

We compare all of the private loan companies in Denmark so that it is easy for you to find the loan that suits you the best. Furthermore, you will find articles about Danish loans, how to find the cheapest loan, how to apply for a loan, benefits of student loans and much more relevant information.

It is completely free for you to use Loandenmark.dk to find and apply for your next quick loan. Also, it is noncommittal to apply for loans through Loan Denmark. You can apply for several loans and afterwards choose the best one or regret as well. The loans will not go through without your final confirmation.

Even if you confirm a loan offer it is free for you to use this service.

It can be difficult to figure out the Danish loan opportunities in Danish if you do not read or speak the language well. Therefore, this site is a help for you.

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We also have a blog section where we write about Denmark and online stuff in generel.

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