⭐️Loan in Denmark


10.000 – 500.000 kr


3,50 – 20,95 %


18 years

Min. age

12 to 144 months

Payment period

Ex .: DKK 10,000 over 12 months MDL. benefit of DKK 934 with a debt interest rate of 22%. Founding costs of DKK 1271 ÅOP of 24.99%. Total repayment amount of DKK 11,219 DKK

Guide to use LoanDenmark.dk:

  1. First choose the amount (Lånebeløb).
  2. Set your age (Din alder)
  3. Sort after most popular (Mest populære) OR lowest interest (Laveste rente)
  4. Find the loan you like and press Apply (Ansøg)

Remember it is free, noncommittal and unbinding to apply for a loan through Loan Denmark

Other important translations:

  • Rente = Interest
  • Min. Alder = Min. Age
  • Afbetalingsperiode = Repayment period

As a citizen in Denmark you have a lot of opportunities for taking on a loan without security (an unsecured loan). It is very easy, and you can do it through your computer, tablet or smartphone. The quick loans have nothing to do with the banks – it is external loans from private companies. You can easily take on even bigger loans within few minutes and often you will receive the money in your account at the same day you apply for the loan.

⭐️How do I take on a loan in Denmark?

When living in Denmark, overall you have two options when you need to borrow money:

  • You can apply for a loan in the bank
  • You can apply for a loan from a private company

It is difficult to get approved for a loan in the bank. You will need a fixed income and a stabile economy. Also, you need to provide security and you will have to explain how you are going to use the money. Typically, the bank will deny you a consumer loan. Instead, you can get approved for a loan from a private company without trouble.

⭐️Private loan Denmark

On this page you will have an overview of all the private loan companies in Denmark. Currently, you can apply for loans from 500 to 400.000 kroner. The loans are called fast loans or quick loans and you do not need to provide security for the money; meaning that you are not providing anything (your house or your car) in security for the money. You can use the money on whatever you want as the loan companies do not ask questions for how you are going to use the money. For example, you can take a loan for a new television, a car, a vacation or a new smartphone – it is up to you.

⭐️Loan Denmark – How to apply for a private loan?

It is very easy to apply for a fast loan, but there are a few requirements:

  • You have a Danish bank account
  • You have a Nem-ID
  • You are at least 18 years old

The private loan companies do have different further requirements. Many of them requires that:

  • You are not registered in RKI (Register for bad payers)
  • You have a fixed income

BUT there are private loans out there for people registered in RKI and for people without a fixed income.

On this page you can see all the quick loans that you can apply for without providing security. You just choose a loan that fits you and fill out your information as asked for. Typically, you will get an answer to the application within a day, and typically your loan will be approved without problems.

Loan money Denmark – see an overview of private loan opportunities here

Student loan Denmark

When being a student, the economy can be very tight. Therefore, it sometimes can be a necessity to take on a loan to get food on the table. For a student who needs money fast, the best opportunity is a short term loan in Denmark. The short term loans will get into your account within few hours, and they are cheaper in interest rates and fees as the loan amount is smaller and the term of the loan is short (for example a month or two).

Sometimes you can be lucky to find a short term loan in Denmark without interest rates and fees if you are a new customer. That means that you just pay back the loan amount, and that it is not an expense for you to borrow the money. But be aware that if you default on the loan agreement, the loan company is in its right to add (often big) interest rates and fees.

As a student you can also apply for a student loan or a “SU loan” if you get SU. But this takes a little longer as it is an application process, so if you need money right now you should look for a quick loan instead. If you do have time to wait, the SU loan is one of the cheapest loans that you can get in Denmark.

How do I find the cheapest fast loan Denmark?

In Denmark there are several options for you to get a loan, but be aware that the expenses in connection with the loans are very different and that it can be very expensive to just choose the first fast loan that you find. On this page you can compare Danish fast loans and choose the cheapest or the one that fits you the best.

When comparing, you must look at the “ÅOP” which is short for “årlige omkostninger i procent” meaning “annual expenses in percent”. It shows how expensive the loan is for you on an annual basis. Loans of same size and with the same terms can always be compared by its “ÅOP”. To find the cheapest loan, you just choose the one with the lowest ÅOP.

Be sure to comply with the loan terms

Even though it is almost possible for everyone in Denmark to take on a loan in only few minutes, it may have big consequences for your private economy if you do not think it through. You must make sure that you can comply with the loan terms. If you do not pay off on your loan, the loan company is it in its right to add on extra fees. In that way even a very cheap or small loan can be very expensive. If you keep on not paying off on you loan, you may be registered in RKI (register of bad payers) and in the future it can be very difficult or even impossible to take on a loan – especially a bank loan. Therefore: look at your budget and make sure that it is realistic for you to pay off on your loan every month.